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Underground Full Hydraulic Drilling Jumbo CYTJ17 Double Arms


2022-08-04 16:23:15

The drill jumbo can be applied to the drilling and blasting construction of small and medium-sized tunnels such as railways, highways, national defense, water conservancy, mines and so on.

A010E Underground Electric LHD (1m³)


2022-08-04 16:13:18

The power system of 1m³A010E electric LHD is driven by an AC 380V, 45KW electric motor.

A006E Underground Electric LHD (0.6m³)


2022-08-04 16:12:41

0.6m³ A006E Electric LHD is mainly used for shoveling and transporting blasted ore and rubble in underground mines. It can also be used for railway, highway and tunnel engineering.

A030D Underground Diesel LHD (3m³)


2022-08-04 16:12:19

3m³ A030D diesel LHD is driven by water-cooled diesel engine, rubber pneumatic tires, front and rear four-wheel drive, central articulation, front bucket and front unloading loading equipment.

A010D Underground Diesel LHD (1m³)


2022-08-04 16:11:48

1m³ A010D diesel LHD is a four-wheel drive, central articulated, front-loading and forward-discharging scraper powered by a diesel engine.

A006D Underground Diesel LHD (0.6m³)


2022-08-04 16:11:33

The A006D diesel LHD is mainly used for underground operations in mines. It can also be used for railway, highway and tunnel engineering. It is especially suitable for poor working conditions, narrow working sites, low and muddy working surfaces.

Modular Low Profile Intelligent Remote Control Diesel LHD(2m³)


2022-08-04 16:11:11

TH-WJ-2D diesel LHD has a lifting capacity of 4.0 tons, a body length of 7.3m, a width of 1.87m and a height of 2.05m, which is lower than the domestic conventional LHD with a height of 2.3m.

A020E Underground Electric LHD(2m³)


2022-06-20 13:54:19