HOT International Business Briefing in August 2022

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HOT International Business Briefing in August 2022

1.  Lithium ore-related | HOT was engaged to conduct exploration and technical due diligence on several lithium mines


HOT was engaged in the exploration of several lithium mines in Asia and Africa and the technical due diligence of a Canadian listed company's lithium mine that a major tycoon was preparing to acquire.


The company conducts comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the resource scale, grade, mining conditions and economic benefits of the mining rights in a scientific and rigorous manner, provides decision-making opinions for the next step of the project mergers and acquisitions, development and operation, and at the same time, for good targets, as technical responsibility, guides the relevant parties to systematically carry out geology, mining, mineral processing and other work, and escorts mine development!

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2. Indonesian team | landing of key markets in Indonesia

HOT helped the members of the Overseas Alliance to land the "storage-selection-transportation" intelligent container transportation project of south Kalimantan coal, with a coal processing capacity of 900,000 tons per year in the first phase. HOT will supply the project with an X-ray Intelligent Dry Sorter (XRT).


Market background: The European Union recently passed new sanctions on Russian coal, coupled with international energy shortages, and the restart of coal power projects in many countries. The coal industry has returned to a sustained boom, with Indonesian companies being one of the main beneficiaries.

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3. Pontianak Bitit Sagu Gold Mine Cooperation

Following the reopening of the Nearly Century-Old Hulubalang Gold Mine in Sulawesi by Dutch colonists, HOT was again cooperated in the development of the Bukit Sagu Gold Mine in the equatorial city of Pontianak.


The project is a dominant gold mining project that Rio Tinto was forced to abandon in the 1990s due to the turbulent situation in Indonesia.


The mine has begun small-scale trial production and HOT will participate in the full exploration and large-scale development of the gold mine.


4. Indonesia

·HOT helped the Alliance establish the first CIL project (Carbon In Leach process) designed by a Chinese company in Central Sulawesi.

· HOT helped Guizhou Matrix Tech Co Ltd's first gold mining vessel into operation

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5-4-indonesia gold mine CIL-hot mining.jpg

Recently, HOT, as the general responsible unit, has made substantial progress in the placer gold project hosted by Guizhou Matrix Tech Co Ltd. HOT technicians make full preparations in the early stage, fully investigate the market, visit and learn the development and operation experience of the local placer gold business, including the procurement of avent gold vessels, the selection of salvage and washing equipment, the formulation of business processes and the exertion of professional advantages, and the scientific selection of "gold absorption" locations with good potential and efficient washing and sorting processes. Today, the project came to the news, the company's customized first gold mining ship hull has been delivered and merged into the sea, to complete the installation of placer gold mining related equipment, will officially start the placer gold mining business, all personnel are looking forward to the first harvest of placer gold!

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