Exhibition Invitation-HOT Strategic Partner BOTON Will Attend Chile's 2023 Santiago Mining Exhibition

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Exhibition Invitation-HOT Strategic Partner BOTON Will Attend Chile's 2023 Santiago Mining Exhibition

BOTON invites you to the 2023 Santiago Mining Exhibition in Chile. 

HOT strategic partner BOTON will attend Chile's 2023 Santiago Mining Exhibition. The exhibition will be held from April 24 to 27, 2023. BOTON will showcase its Planet-Friendly and AI-Embedded materials handling ONE-STOP solutions and welcome new and old customers to Booth 1-A22


BOTON will exhibit the full range of low-carbon emissions and energy-saving products, including the world's first carbon-neutral conveyor belt, lightweight aramid conveyor belt, and ultra-low rolling resistance conveyor belt a new solution for the mining industry to build a zero-carbon new industrial system and accelerate green transformation. BOTON's AI online monitoring system will also make its debut at the exhibition, using new materials, new processes, new technologies, smart manufacturing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data to provide a ONE-STOP service for the digitalization of products, dramatization of services, and intelligent handlings of bulk materials in sort of industries, like mining, cement, coking, and ports. This will make industrial bulk material transportation smarter and greener.

The LIBS, one of our core technologies, will impress you, do not miss it!


The cutting-edge solution for real-time elemental analysis! With its advanced laser technology, the LIBS analyzer can quickly and accurately determine the chemical composition of various materials, from metals and alloys to ceramics and minerals.

Say goodbye to time-consuming sample preparation and expensive laboratory testing. Instead, the LIBS analyzer can provide instant, on-site analysis with just a button. As a result, the LIBS analyzer can help you optimize your operations, improve product quality, and ensure regulatory compliance, whether in the mining, manufacturing, or environmental industries.