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Space mining? Yes! Laser-induced Plasma Spectroscopy Analyzer


2023-05-19 16:38:10

It is an elemental analysis technology developed based on the basic principle that the wavelength of atomic spectrum and ion spectrum has a one-to-one correspondence relationship with specific elements.

Margin Soared by AI-embedded Dynamic Density Controlling for Dense Medium System!


2023-06-05 14:52:33

To effectively reduce manual sampling, guide the operator to adjust the density, and solve the problem of the extensive and lagging manual test, an intelligent density control system based on an X-Ray ash analyzer was developed and connected to the production system to adjust the production parameters directly.

XRT Helps Sustainable Development of Phosphate Mines


2023-06-02 17:34:27

China's phosphate resources are mainly marine sedimentary deposits, with abundant reserves ranking fourth in the world. However, a few rich and many poor ores have different grades of phosphate resources.

How Can the Best Machine Learning Algorithm be Chosen for AI Applications in Mineral Processing (Coal Preparation)?


2023-05-19 16:38:43

Machine learning can be used to solve a wide range of problems. However, there are many different algorithms, and knowing which algorithm is suitable for a particular application scenario can be complicated. This article focuses on choosing the most suitable machine learning algorithm when applying artificial intelligence to the mining industry.

Intelligent Gangue Selection Technology Device and Process in Underground Coal Mine


2023-04-27 14:27:22

Based on the sensor technology and X-ray transmission technology, the XRT ore sorter provides a brand-new solution to remove the waste and coal gangue of raw ores.

HOT Uses Data to Maximize Your Uptime——The Revaluation of Maintenances for Screens by Data-Driven and AI


2023-04-27 14:26:16

Vibrating screens are usually arranged in the throat of the production process system. If several minor problems during equipment operation cannot be detected promptly, the vibrating screen may cause significant failures.

From Mars to Earth, LIPS Is Rejuvenating the Mineral Processing by Accurate Element Analysis!


2023-04-27 14:24:02

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) or Laser-Induced Plasma Spectroscopy (LIPS) is a rapid chemical analysis technology that uses a short laser pulse to create micro plasma on a sample surface.

How Are Mineral Processing Plants Contributing to a Lower-carbon World?


2023-04-27 14:22:44

Low energy efficiency and massive water consumption have become the predominant issue in numerous processing plants worldwide, especially in China, Mongolia, and other water-deficient areas.

Exploring the Mysteries of Ore Sorting! AI-embedded Ore Sorting Technology Shines at Two Lead-zinc Mines!


2023-04-21 16:45:30

After one month of transformation and construction, HOT XRT Sorter intelligent sorting equipment was immediately put into production operation. Since it has been running for two months, the performance of the equipment is stable, and the sorting indicators are beyond the expectation of customers:

Does XRD (Dual-energy X-Ray Diffraction) Outweigh The XRF And γ In Analyzing Coal Ash Content?


2023-03-16 10:18:48

Coal is a significant energy and chemical engineering resource in the world. The reasonable development and utilization of coal resources have meaningful significance to the economy and environment of the world, especially for countries with extensive production and consumption of coal, such as China.

Megatrends Come True: Brief of the situation integrating artificial intelligence into China's coal preparation plants.


2023-02-20 13:24:27

Some applications in coal preparation plants or called coal washing plants.

Will XRT Sorting Technology Sweep Out Other Conventional Processing Methods?


2023-02-20 10:53:37

The rapid development of XRT sorters' market demand and installation has already transformed the way the mineral processing industry works (For example, please refer to the below conceptual design of a coal preparation plant that only selected XRT will be delivered in South Gobi, Mongolia).

Pay Attention To Centrifugal Liquid Which Leads To Problems To Your Centrifuge


2022-08-04 16:40:52

Centrifuge is a common equipment in coal preparation plant, but from the point of view of design and production, people seem to pay little attention to centrifugal liquid, which leads to problems such as rough flotation, and blocking gutters.